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so, now may be a good time to consider your options…. It is becoming increasingly clear, however, that many of those lifestyle markets have seen the worst and are now showing some signs of improvement.”

– The number of house sales across the major coastal markets has increased by 37% since bottoming twelve months ago.
– The time it takes to sell a house is becoming shorter across most markets and vendors are discounting their properties less.

– The total amount of stock available for sale is gradually reducing indicating that supply is being absorbed by the heightened level of buyer activity.

The turnaround in market conditions is coming from a low base, however, and most coastal lifestyle markets still provide a wide range of opportunities.”

Lorne Pool Heating

Lorne is a special environment in that it is one of the few seaside localities in Australia where the ocean is visible from the main street. A heated pool on the Foreshore would provide residents with an easily accessible facility and visitors with a unique tourism experience.

In 2006, the community identified the need for a heated pool in Lorne as one of the priority community projects. The Lorne Aquatic Project (LAP) Team was formed in response to this need.

The LAP Team has worked diligently for two years to achieve this goal for the Community. Progress has been methodical, guided by the Committee of the Lorne Community Building Initiative (LorneCH).

The committee has reached a very critical stage on the journey towards a Heated Pool for Lorne, at the moment there are two funding applications in place. These applications are for funding to renew the infrastructure of the pool and to provide the heating system, using Geoexchange technology which the Lorne Aquatic Project (LAP) Team identified as the most cost and energy efficient.

This committee is in need of support, if you think you can be of any assistance or would like more information, email or call Peter Spring on 0417 514 807.

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