Another strong week of sales in the area continues the theme of the past six months. Of course sales cannot happen without listings. Many buyers often ask sales agents to keep them informed of any new listings that come onto the market. In reality even the best of us can sometimes allow things to slip through the cracks.

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This way, you will be fully informed as to what is going on in Our Backyard.

Torquay News

A year ago today we were marketing 79 listings across Torquay, Jan Juc and districts excluding land subdivisions. A year ago this week the RBA dropped the standard variable rate by 75 basis points – the largest in years. A year ago today buyers and investors were sitting on their hands and we were calling the market ‘the wait and see’ arena in the face of some of the worst outlooks in decades. Sales locally were down by as much as 59% in some sectors of our market against