First impressions are so important that homeowners who want to maximise their sale price have no choice but to spend money to give their home a lift.

Presentation is one of the most important price-affecting factors when selling a home. is an emotional experience. How people feel about your home can be as important as its location, size and features.

This is one of life’s most important purchases and how the house looks and feels should confirm the buyer’s decision. Buyers want clean, modern interiors in neutral colours. Space, storage and low maintenance are also important. At the very least, the property should be clean, freshly painted and free of clutter. The rest will depend on your budget.

If the property has land value, no matter what physical condition the property is in, focus on the block itself. Remove rubbish or hazards to create a positive impression.

Adopting the hints below can add thousands of dollars to the price you get for your home.

• Create an appearance of space. Use mirrors, glass-topped tables and compact furniture. And store excess furniture, including all the family hand-me-downs. If the furniture is in poor condition, rent new furniture in neutral tones.

• Give the home personality. Homely touches such as photographs, cushions, throw rugs and ornaments create ambience. But don’t create clutter. Less is best.

• Show highlights. If your home has a view, emphasise it by removing blinds or curtains.

• Get buyers’ children on side. Rent a cubby house, play equipment or children’s furniture. Creating a garden that children fall in love with will push your home to the top of the children’s wish list – and we all know how often children get what they want.

How much can be done depends on the budget, and there is no point spending more than you are likely to get back. The spruce-up needs to be proportional to the home’s location and value, the type of buyer, decorating trends and lifestyle features.

There are two rules of thumb to keep in mind:

1. Each dollar you spend on your home, you want to receive back twofold

2. Be prepared to spend 1-5 per cent of your home’s value on pre-sale improvements.

In recent years, renting furniture has become easier and more popular. Furniture rental companies can be found easily and some offer complete packages for as little as $3,000 a month.

1. Remove and store excess furniture

2. Steam-clean carpets

3. Clean windows, walls, interior& exterior surfaces

4. Touch-up paint where necessary, focusing on entry, main living areas, kitchen & bathroom

5. Tidy garden

HOW TO DO UP YOUR HOUSE FOR $5,000-$10,000
1. Paint main living areas

2. Steam-clean ore replace carpets

3. Professional clean inside and out

4. Add some new window coverings

5. Tidy yard and minor garden make-over

6. Do minor physical repairs

HOW TO DO UP YOUR HOUSE FOR $10,000-$30,000
1. Overhaul your garden focusing on the front 

2. Paint interior and/or exterior

3. Buy new carpets or rugs

4. Add new window furnishings

5. Give your bathroom or kitchen a make-over

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