Summer brings the crowds

With the Summer weather comes the Summer crowds, and as happens every year, the Coast is bursting with people. Thankfully, this will only last for a while, but to us agents, the effects can last for months and years. Many tourists, holiday tenants and visitors to the area at this time of the year become buyers in both the short and long term. The buyer we show around today may purchase in the next month, year or even two years! Sometimes, people purchase on their first trip and their first look. This is yet another reason why it is critical that properties for sale are priced correctly from the start. The one buyer you missed because your property is overpriced, may purchase another property nearby that is correctly priced. The longer a property is on the market, can lead buyers to ask ‘Why is this property still for sale?’ As the old saying goes: ‘Nobody wants a house that nobody wants’

Pricing correctly from the start is the main ingredient to any sale. Not marketing, not the agent. It always comes back to price


Saturday 9th January
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