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‘Lorne – Market Round up’. For months all the economic commentators were forecasting that the outcome of theGreek elections would determine the direction of the European financial markets and the crucial impact that would filter through (when you wo has been positive and yet negative sentiment has now shifted to the economy of Spain. In the mean time 12 months have passed and our general population have had their “hands in their pockets” not being prepared to spend or having the confidence to invest in commercial projects.

After completing my Wikepedia research and confirming that the average life expectancy of Australian males and females is between 78 and 84 years of age I believe a reality check is needed. The majority of buyers into Lorne are 40+ which when doing the maths equates to having 30 – 40 years left to enjoy!!! – WHY IS THE DECISION SO HARD TO PLAN, SPEND AND ENJOY.

‘Lorne – Weekly report’. With the winter solstice officially being now behind us having occurred on Thursday June 21 at 9.09 E.S.T our daylight hours are now on the increase. Yes we still have two months of winter in front of us, but with extra daylight hours comes more time to get out and about and enjoy! The local property market boasts a portfolio of properties not seen in the past thirty years and with the re-alignment of market price’s the timing to enter the market has never been better. A great result for the market was the sale of the commercial freehold at 144-146 Mountjoy Parade at very close to its asking price of $2m. Interestingly the second multi million dollar transaction on the coast this month!

Open houses

Saturday 23rd

1.00 – 1.45pm 264 Mountjoy Parade

‘Lorne – A little secret’. This year for the first time in a number of years the Victorian Electral Commission has adopted the recommendations of the review panel that the Shire return to a 4 ward structure. The new wards being Torquay, Anglesea, Winchelsea and Lorne.

After not having a voice at the council for a number of years it is great to see a proactive “behind the scene” push to gather the Lorne Community to speak as a single voice, recruit a council candidate and tackle head on the many issues of which our great town need to overcome!!

‘Lorne – Great Local Slang. Use a bit of elbow grease will ya! – “put more effort into what you are doing”

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