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‘Lorne – Market Round up’. With July now behind us and spring well and truly in sight the days are getting longer the wattles are out and we are starting to experience an increase in buyer enquiry on the back of Melbourne’s house prices having experienced two consecutive months of increasing median prices. The market continues to show signs it is ready to move from the low of past years. In

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every real estate cycle there is a bottom of the market and the pointers are strong to suggest that 2012 is likely to be the turning point – stay tuned. ‘Lorne – Weekly report’. With two contracts signed in the last seven days and a to date with the latest coastal real estate news or just the “goss” on what’s happening in and around Lorne. Follow me which ever way you like. www.facebook.com/ianstewartlorne www.facebook.com/lornerealestate www.twitter.com@IanStewartLorne www.twitter.com@lornerealestate AVAILABLE FREE EVERY DAY – ALSO FEATURES DAILY TIDES FOR THE OCEAN ENTHUSIAST Ian Stewart 0418 522 571

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