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We maintain a very strong belief that the moment ‘stay at home’ constraints are eased domestic tourism numbers are likely to go through the roof. Last weekend here in Lorne reinforced our forecasts as huge numbers hit town, when technically many should still have been adhering to the stay at home disciplines. The very limited number of coffee shops, takeaways and bakeries were ‘under the pump’ all weekend, with one business having their biggest autumn/winter weekend in twenty years. Rubbish bins overflowed across the foreshore and Mountjoy Parade as we struggled to cater for the unpredicted influx of the huge numbers. Many looked to lay the blame at the two government agencies that manage these open spaces, but I maintain no one could have predicted the volumes of people that hit town, not even the limited open traders that ran out of stock before the end of the weekend. What I was more disappointed with was the way that many of our visitors just dumped their rubbish, much of which brought with them, on bins that were already at capacity and overflowing. Surely it wouldn’t have been too hard for these visitors to take their rubbish home with them??


As the numbers in town have increased so has the real estate enquiry with all our team members fielding more buyer enquiries than the previous ten weeks. But again May has always been one of our two quietest months of twelve. The past week has seen one contracted transaction and a couple of other negotiations underway to ensure the market keeps “ticking over”. It has been interesting to follow the Melbourne market, which for the first time that I can remember hasn’t been actively promoting the auction clearance rates in percentage terms – probably for good reason!

It hasn’t been all quiet across our network, as our Apollo Bay office has put “pen onto paper” on five occasions this month, including a very successful phone auction with multiple parties.

With less than 10 days until the end of autumn, and hopefully some further good news from Daniel Andrews, with any luck there is light at the end of the tunnel!


Work is due to commence on the 8.5 million dollar rebuild of the recreation facilities at the Stribling Reserve. With the contract having been let and the local football/netball season hanging in the balance, commencement is imminent.


“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience”.

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