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We all believed the Queens Birthday weekend was going to be big but the numbers in town last weekend were enormous, taking most by surprise. Our restaurants and service providers did exceptionally well given the constraints and restrictions that have been put into place. Every available seat filled and many were disappointed they couldn’t be accommodated reinforcing that the new norm is that you need to book to guarantee your seat.

The re-opening of Live Wire Park had tree tops behind Lorne alight with sounds of joy as their team welcomed back excellent numbers for the first time in months.

The work that’s being done behind the scenes to be “first out of the blocks” in promoting lifestyle getaway opportunities is certainly starting to reap dividends for the Lorne community, and the Lorne Business and Tourism Association is to be commended on their proactive approach. Their current “Love Lorne” campaign is featuring a “spin and win” campaign with an extensive range of free giveaways for when your next in Lorne – check it out at www.lovelorne.com.au


As visitor numbers begin to return in good numbers and so does real estate enquiry proportionately increase and the last couple of weeks have been no different. Having physically re-opened our door as of June 1 there is a noticeable optimism and a new buyer profile beginning to emerge. The events of the last four months that have seen people working from home and adhering to the strict social distancing and stay at home regulations. For our Melbourne folk this has been a realisation on how lives are meant to be lived, but for us here in Lorne nothing much has changed and our non-permanent residents who have called Lorne home over the recent months have echoed what many others are now looking to experience. As people have realised that there are options to 9 – 5 office culture and fresh air, open spaces and ocean side living all of a sudden become a real-life dream that many are looking to aspire. The coming years are likely to see an increase in our permanent population from a sector of the market that wasn’t there prior to COVID-19. We are currently dealing with a family whose specific request in the new coastal home is a residence that has two home offices to accommodate the corporate lives of “mum and dad”. That’s a first for me in 35 years of real estate!

Kind regards,                   

Ian Stewart
For and on behalf of the entire Great Ocean Road Real Estate team


First sightings of whales have been officially confirmed as the beautiful big mammals commence their northern migration. No fear of Coronavirus in the ocean! If you’re on the coast, keep an eye out and if all else fails “check in” with your local Tourist Information Centre to check on their movements.


“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat, just get on!”

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