Ian Stewart


"I love where I live, and I’m privileged to work in and for the community I love."



Ian Stewart

“I love where I live, and I’m privileged to work in and for the community I love”
Ian is a lifelong resident of Lorne, a small town with just over 1,000 permanent residents, which changes dramatically as seasonal trends evolve. No matter the season, Ian’s love of Lorne never changes. It’s a “village” where old fashioned values hold strong and relationships form an integral part of the community.
Ian prides himself on earning the respect of both locals and visitors alike with his hard work and commitment to the local community. He has been actively involved as past Chairman of the Lorne Community Hospital, Committee for Lorne, President (Vice President and Secretary) of the Lorne Football Club, Captain of the Lorne Golf Club, President of the Lorne Kindergarten Committee, Vice President, Junior Co-Ordinator and life member of the Lorne Surf Club and 12 Year Award holder of the Lorne Fire Brigade.
Perhaps the greatest acknowledgement for Ian has been receiving both the Lions Club of Australia “Clive Holding” Community Service Award for the region and the Life Saving Victoria Junior Parent Volunteer of the Year Award.
Ian is equally committed to business, and to providing the highest possible level of quality service to all his valued clients. He loves everything about the Real Estate industry, but it’s the people and the relationships he builds with them that hold the key to his success.
Since joining the industry in 1983, Ian has developed a strong reputation for putting the needs of his clients at the forefront. He is patient and truly listens to his clients, and doesn’t believing in pushing people into a situation they’re uncomfortable with just to get a sale – he prefers to give them time to think. He takes great pride is being a man of his word – and his clients appreciate this. These skills have been instrumental in the constant flow of personal referrals Ian receives.
Over his long-term career in property, Ian has meticulously collected statistical data on market trends. This has greatly enhanced his industry knowledge and enables him to forecast likely future trends based on real estate cycles.
A licensed Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer for in excess of 20 years, Ian is committed to increasing his knowledge and updating his skills through ongoing professional development, as well as attending a number of property-related courses and conferences each year.
Ian enjoys an enviable knowledge of the local area. Being a fifth generation family member of the town underpins the unparalleled passion that burns within Ian for Lorne. He is able to provide a unique insight into the town, its pristine beauty and relaxed coastal lifestyle which attracts so many leisure seekers.
When sensitivity and emotions are such a major consideration in buying and selling a lifestyle asset, Ian is the agent who is prepared to listen, recommend and implement a strategy specific to your needs and guide you through the process.



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